The Closer

November 4th

8/7c - LA WOMAN: Brenda and her team are assigned to investigate the murder of an Iranian businessman and his driver in a medical center parking deck. Complications ensue between the LAPD and the FBI concerning which has jurisdiction over the case because the businessman's name appears on the FBI's terrorist watch list. The FBI agrees to allow the LAPD to investigate but only if an FBI liaison serves on the team. That agent is Fritz, whose relationship with Brenda may become strained as a result of the issues raised in the case.

9/8c - FATAL RETRACTION: Faulty evidence from a botched murder investigation three years ago is revealed after the body of woman believed to have been the original murder victim of a death-row killer shows up in the morgue. Now Brenda and her squad must scramble to keep the killer, who has a penchant for burning women alive, behind bars when the court mandates his release in light of the new evidence. Meanwhile, Taylor continues his political assault on Brenda's rank.
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